EZ Caps


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The kit that was sent to me is working perfectly.I was very surprised at the quick development of my first batch of grape juice wine.It was very satisfying to say the least. — Larry Marsee
EZ Caps is the easiest way to make a great sparkling wine. Almost any fruit juice can be made into wine using EZ Caps. Shipping was fast and TerraCore99801 has great customer support. — Linda G
Thanks again for the EZ Caps. These things are great and my party was a hit. After polishing off a 2 liter bottle of hard cider we filled the empty bottle full of Kool Aid on a lark. The yeast that settled on the bottom must have still been alive because it turned the kool aid into booze! I gotta say kool-aid booze isn't the best but the fraternity didn't care! Great product and we're sending payment for 10 more. There's no easier way to homebrew!
Hello, I have tried your EZ Caps in home winemaking and I LOVE them. — J Robinson
The kit arrived yesterday and the first batch is brewing. What an easy way to make wine. I can hardly wait till it's done. Thanks so much and we have left you positive feedback. — H Brooke
Thanks for the info. This is my second set of EZ Caps. Great product. I am having a ball making my own sparkling cider that is ready to drink in 5-6 days. This is something that I had tried to do for years without much success. I am sure I will be back for more EZ Caps because a lot of friends are amazed at how easy this is to do and how good the cider tastes. Thanks again — G Allen

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